Make Money With Your Car

Your Car Can Pay For Itself

It's a guranteed money maker
Get 75% of the revenue from every booking made on your car

This translates into a net earning of more than ₹20,000 if you list your car for 30 days * after accounting for deduction due to service, maintenance cost, fuel cost and GST
You can refer to the ZAP savings financial model for more details.

We guarantee demand

Zoomcar is India's number 1 self drive player and has world leading utilization rates for our cars. We're confident that you will save money whenever you list.

The Zoomcar Success Story
Happy customers
Kms travelled

We provide a minimum payout guarantee

Let's say in a very worst scenario, you list the car for 20 days in a month with all weekends. If you don't get any bookings, there will be a minimum guaranteed pay-out of ₹10,000. 30% of your EMI.
It's effortless
We make the bookings for you

When you sign up on ZAP your car will be added to the Zoomcar inventory. From that point on, our customers will search for and book your car with the Zoomcar app.

You don't need to be there when a customer picks up your car

Access to your car is controlled with Cadabra, our IOT platform. This makes it possible for authorised customers to unlock, pickup and drop off your car independently. You don't need to be there to hand over the keys.

After a booking you can review your car condition yourself, or get the next customer to do it for you

Upon booking completion, the customer will fill a checklist highlighting the condition of the car. You have 12 hours to validate the checklist. The next customer can also validate the checklist for you.

We provide 24x7 customer support, so you can sleep quietly while your car is on the road

If any of our customers have trouble during their booking, they call us. We also provide road side assist, should you car break down during a booking.
You're in complete control
You choose when you want to drive the car and when you want to share it

With the ZAP app, you can list your car for a few hours to a few days, on a weekday or a weekend. You can even reschedule or cancel a listing.

For example, if you travel to office by cab or company bus, you may not need your car for 5 days in the week. You can share it on ZAP for those days and use the car over the weekend.
We've got your back
We do everything we can to reduce the likelihood of an accident, and cover you if one occurs

There's a speed limit

A speed governor will be installed in your car. This device is required by the government of India, and restricts the top speed of the car to 80km/h. This helps reduce wear n tear in your car, as well as the overall accident maintenance cost.

Bumper to bumper insurance

If an accident does occur, we provide bumper to bumper insurance, where all deductibles are covered by Zoomcar. You will never have to pay for any accdent repair from your own pocket.
You'll know exactly what you get paid for
Watch your savings pile up

We send instant updates to you in the ZAP app when your car is booked, and when your car is returned from a booking, so you know exactly how much money you made.