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    Car Purchase & Onboarding
  1. In which cities can I list my car on ZAP ?
    • You can list your car in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Indore, Jaipur, Mangalore, Mysore, Vizag, Goa, Nagpur, Vijayawada, Bhopal, Guwahati, Bhubaneswar, Guntur, Ranchi, Hubli, Calicut, Udupi-Manipal, Cairo, Test1 city. New cities will be added very soon.
  2. Which car brands, models, and variants are allowed ?
    • Currently, you can list your car from the following brands with Zoomcar:
      - Maruti
      - Honda
      - Hyundai
      - Ford
      - Mahindra
      - Tata

    • However, each state restricts the models and variants that can be registered as "self drive" cars.
  3. Why does the car have to be registered in Zoomcar's name ?
    • A private registered car cannot be rented out. Cars registered in Zoomcar's name are authorized under the Central Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 to be shared with other individuals for rent.
    • Furthermore, Zoomcar's license protects you from any liability that may arise while a Zoomcar customer is driving your car.
  4. Can I buy insurance for the car myself ?
    • You must take commercial car insurance cover from one of Zoomcar’s partners.
    • We have preferential service agreements in place with insurance providers that would ensure faster turnaround time and maximum coverage for your car.
  5. What are the financing options available for purchasing my car ?
    • For financing a new car, Zoomcar has tied up with banks and NBFCs such as YES Bank, IndusInd Bank, IDFC Bank, Ford Credit, Mahindra Finance, Chola Finance, Magma Finance and Fintech startups such as Indialends to offer ZAP loans tailored for this program. You can expect Interest rates start from 9.65 % to 13% depending on your eligibility and the prevailing rates at the time.
    • Be aware that commercial car loan is typically ~2% more expensive than a personal car loan, but with the rentals you earn from ZAP, the difference will be inconsequential.
    • Alternatively, you could also take a personal loan, in some cases it can be cheaper than a commercial car loan
  6. What are the mandatory car accessories for listing cars on ZAP ?
    • Your car must be equipped with PU leather seat covers, music system and foot mats.
    • Also, you need to install Zoomcar's proprietary IoT hardware device in the car which has the following features:
      1. Keyless entry (KLE) with which customers can lock-unlock the car from the Zoomcar app without needing your physical presence during booking. This functionality will also be available with you.
      2. On Board Diagnostics (OBD) which enable tracking of the health of your car real-time
      3. 24x7 GPS tracking of your car to ensure its safety at all times
  7. Why do I need to purchase Road Side Assistance (RSA) for the car ?
    • RSA allows onsite repair and towing service for the car in events such as accidents. This helps you as well as customers to enjoy a hassle-free driving experience.
  8. What are my ongoing obligations related to insurance, taxes and RSA ?
    • You will have to renew the commercial car insurance and RSA on time annually from Zoomcar’s partners. Depending on the city your car is registered in, you may also have to renew the annual road tax, permits and fitness certificate.
  1. What is my revenue share from a booking ?
    • You will receive 75% of the revenue generated from each booking. Please refer to the terms and conditions section for details on the same.
  2. What are the earnings I can expect if I put my car on ZAP ?
    • Earnings from ZAP will vary depending on the car type and the number of days the car is listed on the Zoomcar platform.
    • For e.g., a hatchback has the potential to generate net earnings of ₹10,000 to ₹15,000 per month if the you list the car on Zoomcar's platform for 15 days. This translates to up to 70% savings in EMI per month and up to ₹3.5 Lakh savings over the 30 month tenure of the agreement.
  3. How can I maximize my monthly earnings ?
    • We recommend the following to maximize your earnings on the car:
      1. List your car for long periods (e.g. for more than a 24-hour listing period) to maximize your chances of getting bookings.
      2. List your car over weekends and peak demand period, when we have the highest demand. Our prices are also higher on weekends and peak demand period as compared to weekdays thus maximizing your earnings. Check the peak demand period for your city here.
    • We will send you reminders via SMS and push notification in advance of peak period's' to ensure that you have sufficient time to list and maximize your earnings.
  4. Is Zoomcar providing a minimum earning guarantee ?
    • Zoomcar provides a minimum guarantee of ₹10,000 on listing the car for a minimum 20 days per month including all weekends
    • Zoomcar provides a downtime guarantee in the event of the car being in the garage for more than 24 hours while listed on Zoomcar platform.
    • You will have the option of getting:
      1. A replacement vehicle of similar class free of charge, for the duration Zoomcar is not able to return your car or
      2. An inconvenience fee of ₹300/day. For example, if the car is in the garage for 30 days and you do not opt for a replacement car, you are eligible for a ₹9000 inconvenience fee.
  5. What is the tenure of the agreement ?
    • The tenure of the agreement is 36 months.
  6. What if I want to terminate the agreement ?
    • You can terminate the agreement anytime by giving 1 month notice. Refer to question 7 below for the process
  7. What do I do with my car once the 36 month lease period is over or the agreement is terminated ?
    • You can choose to continue driving the car after transferring the car to your name or sell the car.
    • Zoomcar recommends that you sell the car after the lease to maximize the resale value.
    • We can help facilitate the selling process by leveraging our robust network of buyers.
  8. What are the taxes applicable on ZAP earnings ?
    • GST is chargeable on the amount that Zoomcar pays you monthly. Zoomcar will deduct the applicable GST amount from the rentals and remit the balance to you. Further, TDS at the applicable rate will be deducted from the payment Zoomcar makes to you.
    Selfdrive car market in India
  1. What is future growth potential of self drive market in India ?
    • The Indian self-drive market is still nascent but poised for explosion
      1. There are nearly 40 lakh cars globally within self-drive rental, 50% being in US alone
        • China has nearly 2 lakh vehicles with no. 1 player at 1.1 lakh vehicles (China Auto Rental)
        • Leading cities like New York City have more than 20,000 self-drive vehicles
        • India in comparison has less than 3,500 vehicles today. This number has grown 200-300% annually and is further accelerating
    • Zoomcar is the dominant market leader in India with 70% market share and our market share is growing every month
      1. We have world leading utilization rates of between 65-70% (global average is 50-55%)
        • Weekend utilization rates consistently at ~80%; 4x oversubscribed each weekend across all markets
        • Unlike in other global markets, Zoomcar serves both short duration in-city trips and longer duration outstation trips (both weekdays and weekends) thereby broadening user base and overall demand pool
      2. We are the most technologically advanced self-drive company in India with repeat customers making up over 60% of all bookings
        • We have presence in 36 cities, including most major Tier-1 cities
        • We have strong presence across all airports to maximize brand visibility
        • Our one-way rental offering between cities further broadens our customer base
        • Ford Motor Company is Zoomcar’s largest investor and is deeply committed to providing advanced technology tools to maximize customer experience. Other major investors include Sequoia, Nokia Growth Partners, Mohandas Pai, and Larry Summers
    ZAP Operations
  1. What is the process to share my car with customers ?
    • To manage sharing of your car with customers, you can access the ZAP app that helps you list your car on the Zoomcar platform (You can also do this from ZAP dashboard).
    • Listing refers to the block of time during which you make the car available on the Zoomcar platform. Each such listing has a defined start date and time, end date and time and choice of designated parking location.
    • When you create a listing, Zoomcar offers the car for bookings to our customers for that period of time.
    • Each listing can have multiple bookings.
  2. How can I reschedule or cancel my listing ?
    • You can create, reschedule or cancel a listing anytime through the ZAP app or from ZAP dashboard.
    • Listings can be rescheduled or cancelled dynamically at no additional cost, provided you give prior notice.For details, refer to the terms and conditions section.
  3. Is there a minimum listing period per day or per month ?
    • Each listing has to be for a minimum of 24 hours.
    • Each Listing shall be created at least 12 hours in advance.
    • While you do not need to list your car daily, you do have to list it for at least 100 hours each month.
  4. How will I be informed about bookings during my listing ?
    • On the ZAP app, under your listing, you can view booking details of upcoming, live and completed bookings.
    • Booking details will have information about booking start date, start time, end date, end time and revenue earned (once the booking has ended).
    • We will send you an SMS and push notification a few hours before the booking start time.
  5. Where will my car be parked, picked up and dropped from ?
    • The car will be parked at your own parking location. This ensures seamless use of car for personal use as well as listing on the Zoomcar platform.
    • You have the option of specifying up to two designated parking locations where customers are able to find and access the car.
  6. What is my role before the listing ?
    • Before listing, ensure that your car is "Ready" for bookings.
    • A car is deemed "Ready" when
      1. it is parked at the designated parking location
      2. has the key and documents in the glove box
      3. is in good driveable condition
      4. has jack, tools and stepney
      5. is clean and
      6. has at least 30% fuel level.
  7. What is my role during a listing ?
    • You can get multiple bookings for a single listing period.
    • After a booking is complete, you must fill the end checklist on the ZAP app prior to the start of the next booking. This ensures that all the information regarding the car, the trip and customer experience is captured so that we can serve you and our customers better.
    • Also ensure that your car is "Ready" for the next booking in the listing.
  8. Who takes care of the fueling of my car ?
    • You are responsible for ensuring that your car has at least 30% fuel level before a booking start time.
    • Note that fuel expense is borne by you. However, the revenue share you earn from bookings covers for fuel consumption during the bookings. For more on Zoomcar’s tariff structure, please visit here
  9. What assistance Zoomcar provides if my car is not returned on time by a customer ?
    • Your mobility and income is safeguarded in the event of a late return by customers.
    • You will still get the revenue share for the usage beyond the listing end time and additional inconvenience fee of ₹300 for up to 24 hours of delay.
    • If for any reason, the period for which the car is not returned to you is greater than 24 hours, you shall have the option of getting:
      1. an inconvenience fee of ₹300/day, or
      2. a replacement vehicle of similar class free of charge, for the duration Zoomcar is not able to return your car.
  10. What happens if a customer violates traffic rules and a challan is raised against my car ?
    • Zoomcar will compensate you for any challans raised during bookings. However, you will be responsible for paying for any challans raised while the car is with you.
    Service and Maintenance
  1. Who is responsible for the servicing and maintenance of my car ?
    • You are responsible for service, maintenance and related expenses of the car.
    • The ZAP app also allows you to place requests for service or maintenance to an authorized workshop on demand. Zoomcar negotiates preferred rates and discounts with authorized workshops for your benefit.
    • Further, your car also has a proprietary car health monitoring feature that allows you to do preventive maintenance of the car, helping prevent breakdowns and reducing long-term maintenance cost.
  2. What assistance does Zoomcar provide when my car meets with an accident while a customer is driving it ?
    • In such events, Zoomcar takes the responsibility of car maintenance and related expenses net of insurance claim proceeds.
    • Zoomcar also manages the entire claim process, so you don’t need to worry one bit.
  3. Who is responsible for maintaining cleanliness of the car ?
    • You are responsible for maintaining cleanliness of the car.
    • However, the ZAP app allows you to place requests for cleaning on demand during working hours. Refer to the terms and conditions section for charges.
  4. What assistance does Zoomcar provide when my car is in the garage for a long time due to an accident or maintenance event from a booking ?
    • Your mobility is assured in the event the car is in the garage for a long duration.
    • If the period for which the car is not returned to you is greater than 24 hours, you shall have the option of getting:
      1. an inconvenience fee of ₹300/day if you wish to use alternate transport for that time, or
      2. a replacement vehicle of similar class free of charge, for the duration Zoomcar is not able to return your car.
  5. How do I monitor the health of my car ?
    • Zoomcar will provide you with a dashboard that helps track key health metrics of your car.
    • Zoomcar's proprietary IOT device taps into the OBD port of the car to determine the real time health of your car. This allows for preventive maintenance of the car thereby reducing maintenance cost of your car.