How does Subscribe work
Payout and Taxation
How does sharing work

    How does Subscribe work
  1. For how long can I subscribe a car?
    • You can subscribe to a car for 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 or 24 months depending on your need. The longer you subscribe, the lesser is your monthly Subscription Fee.
  2. Which cars can I subscribe to? What are the variants?
    • Zoomcar Subscription currently offers multiple car models in all Zoomcar cities. Check the car variants available in your city here.
  3. Can I buy the car I have subscribed to?
    • While we would have loved to give you the option if you wanted, our arrangement with OEMs and financiers would make this a very expensive option for you. You can always subscribe to a car though :)
    • Do remember subscribing is always better than buying!
    • If this still doesn’t make you happy, just drop us a note and we will make a way for you to own the car
  4. Do I get to chose the color of the car as well?
    • Unfortunately, No. :( We know you want your car as soon as possible, hence, we have limited control over the color of the car.
  5. Will the cars be fitted with speed governors?
    • The car would be registered under Zoomcar's Self Drive Car Rental license, which makes it commercial in nature. As per government regulations, all the commercial cars need to be fitted with speed governors. So yes, your car comes with a speed governor installed that limits your speed to 80 km/h. Do remember that this is for your own safety :)
  6. Will the car have black-board registration?
    • The car would be registered under Zoomcar's Self Drive Car Rental license making it a black board car.
  7. Can I extend my tenure?
    • Tenure can be extended anytime during the subscription period. Given the huge demand for this product, we suggest you do this at least a month before the scheduled end date of the subscription as the extension is subject to availability of the car.
    • Do note that extension will be done at the prevailing subscription fee at the time of extension. Hence, we suggest you subscribe for longer tenures or extend way in advance.
  8. How will I handle accidents when I am driving?
    • We wish you drive safe and never have to go through this! However, in that unfortunate event, just call our AEC Support [contact details will be available in the Zoomcar Subcription App] and we will take it from there.
  9. How will Zoomcar handle accidents done by the customers?
    • In event of any accident caused by Zoomcar customer, Zoomcar will take care of the operation related issue and the cost of repair. Having said that, we do understand the inconvenience caused to you because the car wouldn’t be available to you for some time. To make up for it, we will waive off the subscription fee for the period the car is in the workshop [on pro-rata basis] provided the car is in the workshop for more than 48 hours.
  10. What is the monthly limit on KM usage?
    • We have a fair usage policy for the total distance run during the program. This is typical of any leasing arrangement. Don’t worry though, as we give you an average 150 km per day during the subscription (this only covers the personal use of the car; there is no limit on the distance run when the car is on a booking after you have listed the car). Do note that in case the user drives for extra kilometers beyond the specified limit, Zoomcar, at its discretion, may terminate the subscription.
  11. What is the termination policy for the subscription program?
    • Zoomcar Subscription is a purely no strings attached program. All you need to do is email or call us about your intent of termination. However, your last day of the subscription will depend upon the below-mentioned criteria:
      1. If the termination request is given before 10th then the last day of the same month will be your last subscription day
      2. If the termination request is given after 10th then the last day of the subsequent month will be your last subscription day
      3. If the user wants to terminate prematurely, then the user will have to give a notice period of 1 month before termination. Do note that, there is a lock-in for every subscription. This means that if a user terminates the agreement prematurely, there will be a foreclosure penalty which would be equal to the one-month applicable subscription fee and rental difference.
    • That said, we are sure this question would become irrelevant for you as you would never want to terminate before the scheduled date.
    Payout and Taxation
  1. When do I need to pay the monthly subscription fee?
    • The subscription fee needs to be paid in advance. The invoice will be generated in the first week of every month and you need to make the payment within 5 days of raising the invoice (i.e invoice is generated on 3rd of the month, then payment need to be made by 8th of the month). There is a late payment fee of 300 per day in case the payment is made after the due date. Make sure you pay on time - No one likes penalties except in Football.
  2. Do I need to be GST registered?
    • While this is not mandatory, we do recommend you get a GST registration. Don’t worry, we have this very easy for you. Our GST partners will reach out to you and get the process started. It’s a very simple process and takes around 7 days to get a GSTIN.
  3. What is benefit of getting GST registered?
    • The revenue you earn when you share your car has a GST component to it. To make sure this tax is not deducted when we pass on the revenue share to you, we recommend that you get GST registered.
  4. Do I need to pay tax on the revenue I earn by sharing the car?
    • Your subscription fee is exclusive of tax which means that you will have to pay tax on top of the amount mentioned on our website. The applicable tax rate is 28%. For example - if you take a Tiago on subscription, the total subscription fee would be ₹24,319 (18,999 + 28% of 18,999).
    • Since you have paid tax here, this gives you tax input. Now, the revenue you earn by sharing the car has a tax component to it. Given that you have already paid tax on the subscription fee, you can set off this tax against the input you got while paying the subscription fee.
  5. If I'm GST Registered, who will take care of my filing ?
    • You will have to take care of your monthly filing. We recommend you take help from CA or from any third party vendor who can help you in monthly filing
  6. What will happen to my GST registration number after my termination from platform ?
    • We recommend you to cancel your registration number in case you are not using it for any other business. In case you do not cancel the registration number, you will still have to file monthly returns. Failure to do so can result in late fees/penalties from the GST department
    How does sharing work
  1. What is my revenue share from a booking?
    • You will receive 75% of the revenue generated from each booking. Please refer to the terms and conditions section for details on the same.
    • Zoomcar also offers a no-fuel product to its customers which might be allocated to your car. The no-fuel bookings have a revenue share of 60% and the customer will return the car with the same fuel reading he took the car.
  2. What are the earnings I can expect if I put my car on Zoomcar Subscription?
    • Earnings from Zoomcar Subscription will vary depending on the car type and the number of days the car is listed on the Zoomcar platform.
    • For e.g., a hatchback has the potential to generate net earnings of ₹10,000 to ₹15,000 per month if you list the car on Zoomcar's platform for 15 days. This translates to up to 70% savings in subscription fee per month.
  3. How can I maximize my monthly earnings?
    • We recommend the following to maximize your earnings on the car:
    • List your car for long periods (e.g. for more than 24 hours) to maximize your chances of getting bookings.
    • We have higher demand over weekends and in holiday periods. Our prices are also higher on weekends and in the holiday period as compared to weekdays thus maximizing your earnings.
    • We will send you reminders via SMS and push notification in advance of peak periods to ensure that you have sufficient time to list and maximize your earnings.
  4. Is Zoomcar providing a minimum earning guarantee?
    • Zoomcar provides a minimum guarantee of ₹5,000 on listing the car for a minimum 20 days per month, including all weekends
  5. What is the process to share my car with customers?
    • You can share your car by creating a listing with just one click using your Zoomcar Subcription App.
    • Listing refers to the block of time during which you make the car available on the Zoomcar platform. Each such listing has a defined start date and time, end date and time and choice of designated parking location.
    • When you create a listing, Zoomcar offers the car for bookings to our customers for that period.
    • Each listing can have multiple bookings.
  6. How can I reschedule or cancel my listing?
    • You can create, reschedule or cancel a listing anytime through the Zoomcar Subcription app.
    • Listings can be rescheduled or cancelled dynamically at no additional cost, provided you give prior notice. For details, refer to the terms and conditions section.
  7. Is there a minimum listing period per day or per month?
    • There are "no strings attached" on sharing your car. You can conveniently share your car when you don't need it using your Zoomcar Subcription App. However, each listing must be for a minimum of 24 hours.
    • The more you share, the more you save.
  8. How will I be informed about bookings during my listing?
    • On the Zoomcar Subcription app, under your listing, you can view booking details of upcoming, live and completed bookings.
    • Booking details will have information about booking start date, start time, end date, end time and revenue earned (once the booking has ended).
    • We will send you an SMS and push notification a few hours before the booking start time.
  9. Where will my car be parked, picked up and dropped from?
    • The car will be parked at your own parking location. This ensures seamless use of car for personal use as well as listing on the Zoomcar platform.
    • You have the option of specifying up to two designated parking locations where customers can find and access the car.
  10. What is my role before the listing ?
    • Before listing, ensure that your car is "Ready" for bookings.
    • A car is deemed "Ready" when
      1. it is parked at the designated parking location
      2. has the key and documents in the glove box
      3. is in good driveable condition
      4. has jack, tools and stepney
      5. is clean and
      6. has at least 30% fuel level.
  11. What is my role during a listing ?
    • You can get multiple bookings for a single listing period.
    • After a booking is complete, you can fill the end checklist on the Zoomcar Subcription app prior to the start of the next booking. This ensures that all the information regarding the car, the trip, and customer experience is captured so that we can serve you and our customers better.
  12. Who takes care of the fueling of my car ?
    • You are responsible for ensuring that your car has at least 30% fuel level before a listing starts. Note that fuel expense is borne by you. However, the revenue share you earn from bookings covers for fuel consumption during the bookings.
    • Zoomcar also offers a no-fuel product to its customers which might be allocated to your car. The no-fuel bookings have a revenue share of 60% and the customer will return the car with the same fuel reading he took the car.
  13. What assistance Zoomcar provides if my car is not returned on time by a customer ?
    • Your mobility and income is safeguarded in the event of a late return by customers.
    • You will still get the revenue share for the usage beyond the listing end time.
  14. What happens if a customer violates traffic rules and a challan is raised against my car ?
    • Zoomcar will compensate you for any challans raised during bookings. However, you will be responsible for paying for any challans raised while the car is with you.
  15. How will service and maintenance of my car be managed?
    • You can request a pick-up service by writing an email to the Zoomcar Subscription Support Team. Relax at your home while we get the car serviced and get it back to you. Remember we promised "hassle-free"!
  16. Who is responsible for maintaining cleanliness of the car ?
    • You are responsible for maintaining cleanliness of the car.
    • However, you will get cleaning charges along with your monthly payout in case a Zoomcar customer returns the car in an unhygienic condition, by marking this through your Zoomcar Subcription App. Refer to the terms and conditions section for charges.
  17. If I share the car with Zoomcar users, how will you adjust that in the invoice?
    • For every booking on your car, you will get 75% of the revenue generated for bookings with fuel and 60% for no fuel bookings. Your subscription fee would be adjusted at the end of every month, for every booking completed in that month. See example below for more details -
    • Assume you book a Tiago whose subscription fee is ₹17,999. Further, assume that you share your car for 15 days and the revenue earned from bookings ended during the month is 10,000. So for next month, you will have to pay a net of subscription fee minus the revenue(17999-10000) plus applicable taxes